The Journey.

Travel means making a journey, a long one at that. One goes different places, one meets new faces, some learn new things, some eat new food. But everyone who travels makes a journey, not the explicit one, but, the tacit one. The journey where they grow, and, emerge a changed person.
I asked someone what they love about traveling. He said he gets to explore new places. He felt like a kid again while exploring off-road trails on his cycle. He said he liked the energy, the rush of adventure and the puzzling curiosity.
Yet another person remarked that traveling helped them forget their troubles. It was an escape from their world of worries. They say it is while traveling when they can be free and be in the moment. They gave the example of the movie ‘Tamasha’ and said traveling for them is something like that, being in an obscure place where worries can’t find you and you can escape your world to recharge yourself.
They say best of the things lie beyond our comfort zone. And a way to grow is to expand this zone. Finding comfort in discomfort and adding to your experience. Traveling is thus a didactic teacher. It makes us capable of doing anything. If one could be in an unknown place where everyone speaks a different language, where they don’t know the places and come back with a tale to tell, there is nothing quite they won’t be able to get by.
Traveling teaches us respect, more than the respect for society at large it teaches us respect for the environment. When one is trekking with their legs buried in snow, they know how precarious carelessness could be, they are more alert and attentive to what surrounds them. When one is tired from a long hike and they find a stream of water, it’s the most tasteful water. All this makes us appreciate nature and respect it. Giving us a chance to be one with it.
You don’t have to love travel, you just have to be romantic about an adventure, about growth and about yourself and that is what traveling gives. Whatever be the reason, traveling when done right is not just a journey rather it is an experience. One that etches itself in the story of who we are.