Key Takeaways

Robert Swan, the first human in the history of mankind to walk on both north and south pole leads this annual International Arctic Expedition.

Cinque Terre

Combating Climate Change

learn more about combating climate change from the leading environmentalists.

Cinque Terre

Robert and Barney Swan

witness arctic life with great explorers Robert & Barney Swan.

Cinque Terre

Capture Polar Wildlife

photograph polar wildlife and sea-life in a comfortable cruise.

Things to do

In the journey with Robert and Barney Swan to the Arctic

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Explore The Arctic With Robert Swan




This Expedition includes

Sailing to the arctic from Norway

Great cruise with diverse cuisines

Sessions on climate change with Robert Swan

Zodiac landings on the ice shelfs of the Arctic

Polar wildlife exploration with expedition leaders

Cultural exchange among the Climate Force and Team 2041

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